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Thursday, January 03, 2008

E J Rosser

Advertising is nothing new as this fascinating example shows. A local business in Resolfen is used to sell/distribute a 33 1/3 gramophone record for E J Rosser and Sons - Cycle and Motor Cycle Specialists. The address of the business is also shown clearly as Resolven, Glamorgan. The record is a "Community Singing" recording of Cwm Rhondda sung by 4,000 voices led by Goffrey Shaw and recorded by Columbia Records. Also interestingly the recording was sponsored by the Daily Express and it begs the question whether the recording was distributed free similar to DVDs and CDs in today's Sunday papers.

Geoffrey Shaw himself was a noted composer and arranger, Groves Dictionary of Music and Musicians describes him as :

"Born : November 14, 1879 - London, England

Died : April 14, 1943 - London, England.

The English organist, music educator, and composer, Geoffrey ( Turton ) Shaw was brother of the organist and composer Martin( Edward Fallas) Shaw. Geoffrey was a chorister at St. Paul's Cathedral under Sir George Martin. Later he was organ scholar at Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge. From 1902 - 10 Geoffrey Shaw was music master at Gresham's School, Holt. He also served as Inspector of Music to the Board of Education from 1928 until his retirement in 1942. In this post he devoted himself to the furtherance of popular organisations, both in the schools and training colleges and by means of such unofficial activities as summer schools for teachers and competitive festivals( my emphasis and italics). In 1932 he was awarded the honorary Lambeth degree of D.Mus. In 1947 the Goeffrey Shaw Memorial Fund was established to assist musically talented children."

From this evidence,since Shaw died in 1943, the recording is either pre-war or maybe ( my supposition) a morale raiser during the dark days of conflict.

Some of the members had a hazy memory of E J Rosser's shop, any other information would be very welcome.

Trefor Jones


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