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Monday, September 28, 2015

October Meeting


october MEETING
mr john richards

“The Celts in South Wales”

Meeting begins at 7:00pm in the Church hall on MondAY  12th october

Membership: £10 ( including refreshments)
Visitors: £3.
Croeso cynnes i Bawb

Tuesday, September 15, 2015


The AGM was well attended once again this year at the newly refurbished Church Hall. A minute's silence was held to note the sad passing of former Chairman Jim Kent and Maggs Jones the wife of the Secretary.

There was little change in the officers or general committee, with Olwen Woosnam joining the committee as the only revision.

The Treasurer gave a detailed financial breakdown and reported a small profit on the year.

Both the Chairman and the President addressed the meeting in turn. They praised the hard work of the Society's officers and the loyalty of the membership in what was a very successful history society. Mr Phylip Jones spoke warmly of Mr Jim Kent and how he had made a great effort to immerse himself in his adopted community. Mr Gwyn Thomas stated that Maggs Jones had been a support to the Secretary and would be greatly missed.They both noted that the  lectures, trips and outings had all been successful and everyone was looking forward to an equally exciting new season

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Here we go again!!! Cyfarfod Blynyddol/ Annual General Meeting

September MEETING:
Annual general meeting

Meeting begins at 7:00pm in the Church hall on MondAY 14th septembeR.
Membership: £10 ( including refreshments)
Visitors: £3.
Croeso cynnes i Bawb

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Pictures at last from summer trip!!

Following several attempts Gwyn has eventually got the photos of our summer trip to the blog.
Inside the historic Prince of Wales, Cynffig

The girls are happy that they have left the pub and are looking forward to Ewenny Priory!

Pottery demonstration at Ewenny Pottery

The members prove that the recession is over.

The magnificent interior of the 12th century priory at Ewenny.

Interesting armrest.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Commemorative 'Dram'.

The 'dram'
The Community Council following a request from the public have placed a 'dram', near Sardis Chapel to note the contribution of heavy industry to the history, culture and traditions of the village. The 'dram', itself was excavated from the Selar opencast site and is placed on a pair of rails. A large stone also features a bilingual plaque. The official opening of the monument will happen in September.

The bilingual plaque.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Summer Visit

 Kenfig Burrows and Ewenny Priory

Some nineteen members and friends of the History Society made the short visit to the Vale of Glamorgan. The first stop was at the historic fifteenth century Prince of Wales tavern in Kenfig. The building  had a very varied history as a courthouse, Sunday school and the general centre of the community. The landlord gave a detailed history of the building and also showed various video clips regarding the shipwrecks and archaeology of the area including a visit by Channel Four’s Time Team.

The Historic and supposedly haunted Prince of Wales at Kenfig
The afternoon, included a visit to Ewenny Pottery and then Ewenny Priory with its 12th century abbey. The building has a rather strange status in that one portion serves as a place of worship of the Church in Wales, whereas the second portion is retained by the Turberville family. Luckily, the members were given access to both areas and were also given a detailed history of the Priory.
Ewenny Priory

Mr Gwyn Thomas, was busy with his camera and unfortunately technical glitches have so far stopped us displaying them nil desperandum,Gwyn.

The separated priory.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Resolven Boys of 1915

Members of the 9th Welsh Regiment from Resolven, July 1915

As the years commemorating the Great War of 1914-18 progress, Mr Glyn Davies has given the Society a cutting from the Aberdare Leader of 24th July, 1915, which refers to the above photograph.

It states: 

                   " The 9th Welsh - On Wednesday, the inhabitants of Resolven turned out in grand style to give a send-off to the boys of the 9th Welsh. Nearly a hundred Resolvenites have joined this particular regiment , in which one of them is colour sergeant, viz William Hawkins and three are sergeants, viz., T. Owens, Reggie Stroud and Jim Hooper. On Tuesday evening the boys had a smoker at the New Inn. Also Mr Jenkins the proprietor of  Vivian Hall, gave a free admission to them and their families. Some 50 presents of pipes and cigarette cases were presented to the boys by their friends.

At 11 o'clock on Wednesday morning a procession was formed , headed by the Resolven Brass Band, and after parading the streets speeches were made. Councillor T.W. Herbert  said that the inhabitants wanted to show their appreciation of the lads who had so nobly answered the call of the country. They were proud of them all, and were sure they would distinguish themselves - Councillor F.H. Beaman hoped that the boys who had proved their worth on the  football field would also cover themselves in glory on the battlefield - Dr R.D. Pritchard, whose only son is in the army, felt it difficult to speak. He remarked that these young men were doing a great duty in sacrificing their family ties for their country's sake. He hoped they would come back safe . - The following received presents : - Tom Owen, Reg Stroud, Arthur Hutchinson, Brychan Morgan, Tom Nicholls, Henry Lewis, Richard Evans, David Thomas, Evan J Jones, James Hughes, Joe Pickford, William Harris, Gwilym Morgan, Trevor Morgan, Richard Williams, William Hawkins, Tom Rewbridge, Jim Lewis,
J. Parry Evans, S. Bowen, Llew Jones, David Beynon, Richard Morgan, William Davies, Charlie Thomas, Fred Rowlands, Lee Hopkins, Walter Jones, Jim Hooper, T. Dorrington, W. Williams, Charlie Daidy, Fred Edwards and William Jones. 

After the presentation the recipients had to go through the ordeal of an all round hand shaking. The station was thronged . The band played selections during the wait. Some very touching farewells were witnessed. The train steamed out amid the booming of detonators. The boys are expected to be at the front this week."

What a terrific witness to a society now well and truly at war. This is written in heroic and even stoic terms with the atmosphere of an adventure. The only words of doubt came from the doctor who evidently knows of the horrors which are in front of the recruits. To compare a battle to a game of rugby seems banal to us, but fits the tenor of the time. The reference to detonators is also a reminder that even though a hundred Resolven men had gone to war, many more were working underground as miners since it was a reserved occupation.