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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Merry time had by all!!

December Meeting - Members Night

A few years ago the Committee took the decision to move our members night from the September to the December meeting. The reasoning behind this was that our numbers were dropping during the Christmas period because members had other things to do. However, this trend has very much reversed in the last two years with very good attendances and contributions from members.

John Watson leads a discussion on Resolfen photograph archive.

This year, John Watson came up to the plate. He showed an eclectic series of slides on Resolfen which showed quite clearly how much the village has changed over the years. Rather than give a formal commentary, it was very much a conversation between the members and himself with each one adding a little nugget of information. On a more current note, regarding the current conference at Copenhagen, the photos of the demolition of the centuries old Ynysbwllog aqueduct by a flood in the 1970s showed clearly that massive floods are hardly new and that the answer lies in flood defences which have saved the valley from serious flooding in recent decades.

Flooding in Resolfen in the 1920s

The benefit of having a historical perspective should be visited on the thousands in Copenhagen with the message that people react to situations and usually do cope well with difficult situations.

The members at Butetown, June 2009.

Maggs Jones then showed a cd.Rom, compiled by Gwyn Thomas of the Society excursion to the Rhymney valley in June. Unfortunately, a glitch had affected a previous showing of the pictures in September and it was very pleasant reminder of a very nice day. This was followed by the now "traditional" Christmas quiz, and it was quite evident that Julie Hicks and Brenda Oakes have put themselves forward for a future "Eggheads", team.

The evening concluded with mince pies and mulled wine, produced as usual by the very capable kitchen of Mrs Mair Norton.

The Chairman thanked everyone who had contributed to a very successful evening. He also wished everyone a happy Christmas and a prosperous new year.