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Friday, January 18, 2013

Annual Noel Thomas Memorial Lecture

This year's speaker at the Annual Noel Thomas lecture will be the renowned social historian, Professor Gareth Williams of the University of Glamorgan. Professor Williams is well known as a broadcaster and author on  industrial Wales in the nineteenth century. His lecture will be entitled: 

Martyrs of the Arena - music, sport and society in Wales 1870-1914.

Please spread the word.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Phylip gives the new members an introduction to the history of Resolfen.

A Report on the January meeting of Resolfen History Society

This month’s speaker needed no introduction since it was none other than Mr Phylip Jones the Society’s president. Phylip once again took “a local theme” as his topic and unusually gave the large audience a choice of topic.

Mr Jones remarked that the nature of the society membership had changed dramatically in recent years with many of the members coming from far and wide. Therefore the first option was a “potted history” of their new home or recollections from the age of coal. Not surprisingly the choice was that of the history of Resolfen. Despite the fact that much of the story was already familiar to some it is always a good idea to go over old ground.

The Society was treated to a feast of information on the social, religious, linguistic and cultural aspects of Resolfen since its beginnings. The new members were fully informed of the history of Resolfen at the end of Phylip’s talk.  

The contents of the talk can already be found in many other posts on this blog and therefore in a change to the usual format of the monthly report, this post will feature a series of the features which are either altered or disappeared as mentioned by Phylip.

 The restored canal which came to the area in 1794
 Bethania Chapel was once the home of the Welsh Baptists now the site of a residential home
 Tan-y - rhiw - previously known as Jenkins Row or Aberclydach Row.
 The famous painting by Thomas Hornor of the pre-industrial Neath valley
 The original entrance to the village and bridge - the dram road.
 The village co-op and bakery, now Costcutters.
Resolven colliery