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Friday, August 31, 2007

Standard 7 1947

We have been fortunate in receiving a wealth of material from Mr Adrian Cousins who writes,



I thought you could use the enclosed for your blog site, the history is as follows.

The teacher in charge of Standard 7 was Arthur Morris, Mr. Morris to us lads. He was a keen amateur photographer and encouraged my interest in the same pastime; a pastime I still pursue. The enclosed photograph was the result of such encouragement.
The camera used was a ¼ plate reflex, which allowed you to view the subject through the top by means of a mirror. Mr. Morris set the camera up on its tripod and I was then allowed to insert the plate holder and compose the group, focus the lens, remove the cover of the plate holder and release the shutter. Some time later I was shown how to develop the plate using a lightproof tank, I still have that glass plate.

The insert photograph of myself is not contemporary to the main group; it’s about one year later.

The allotments were the sole responsibility of Std. 7 and we were a proud lot when we marched through the schoolyard in our clogs and carrying the tools of the trade. We always planted vegetables that could be eaten in the raw state including swede, potatoes, carrots, beans, radish and lettuce. When these were in season we could always be sure to have something to eat at any time, which during those times was a bonus.

Sadly some of the group are no longer with us and some names may be incorrect and others I am unable to recall, perhaps somebody could fill in the blanks.

Adrian Cousins.
Back row: Ronald Reagan; Kenneth Thomas; John Seymour; Elwyn Arthur; Trevor Davies; un-named;un-named; Vivian Rowlands; inset Adrian Cousins
Third row: un-named ; Terence Thomas; Ronald Lloyd; Tony Gardener; Cyril Challenger; un-named; Peter Redwood;
Second row: Malcolm Morgan; Malcolm Hadley; Dennis Welbourn; Syd Cowley.
Front row: Douglas Thomas; un-named; Glyn James; David Fogarty; John James.