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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Annual General Meeting

A Report on the AGM : 2008

A feature of our recent meetings has been the rising attendance at meetings. Traditionally the AGM is one to avoid in case you are the one to land a "job". However, in our case this is no longer the case ( or perhaps members have been denied Mair's scones over the summer months), since twenty two members and three visitors (who also became members) attended the meeting.

Election of Officers: President : Mr Phylip Jones
Chairman: Mr Gwyn Thomas ( pro tem)
Vice Chair: Vacant
Secretary: Mr Trefor Jones
Treasurer: Mrs Julie Hicks
Transport Officers : Val Davies and Margaret Evans
Committee : Josie Duke, John Rees, Bob Norton and Mair Norton.

In his address to the meeting, Gwyn Thomas thanked everyone who had worked over the past year and remarked on the markedly increased attendances. He also made a special vote of thanks to Mair and Bob for hosting the committee meetings for well over twenty years. Finally, he drew attention to the range of activities which are programmed over our silver jubilee year. Notably, the finalised date for the Concert featuring the music of the Three Doctors is on Friday, October the 17th at Jerusalem Chapel to commence at 7:00 pm.