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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Gower Heritage Centre

Gower Heritage Centre

Some thirty three members and friends of the Society made a visit to Gower Heritage Park on May Day.

The Heritage Centre is based largely on the site of the original “Parkmill” or “Y Felin Ddwr”. The water powered mill was originally built some 800 years ago by William de Breos a Norman knight who became Lord of Gower (an area which included some three thousand square miles and encompassed the site of present day Resolfen). The mill is one of the oldest “Toll Mills” in Wales, so called because local farmers were compelled by tithe laws to grind their corn there.

An excellent talk given by one of the few remaining millwrights in Britain explained that the milling was a very dangerous business since flour was a readily explosive substance and care had to be taken not to ignite the dust. Wooden gears were used and clogs were worn in order to prevent the danger of ignition. The mill is still working and can grind some three tons of flour in a day. Another notable feature was that the mill cottage was over three hundred years old and had been occupied by the Davies family over this time, each miller known affectionately as “Will the Mill”.

Despite being rather light on specific Gower Heritage material the members thoroughly enjoyed the day and particularly the relaxed, friendly atmosphere at the Centre.
Many thanks to Gwyn Thomas for the photos

Trefor Jones