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Thursday, June 23, 2011

St. David's Church Restoration Fund

As I'm sure many readers are aware, Resolven's parish church, St.David's has been the centre of a feverish campaign to raise money in order to restore the building to its former good state of repair. The good news is that a "Gift Day" raised over £10,000 which is a fantastic effort for both the Steering Committe and the inhabitants of Resolven. However, there is still a long way to go in order to ensure that all the necessary work is carried out.
St.David's Church

The Church is one of the older buildings in the village and our publication "Resolfen Recalled" contained a condensed history of St.David's a precis of which is reproduced below:

"Before 1850 the communities of Resolven, Melincwrt and Clyne were part of the ancient parish of LLantwit juxta Neath and any house on the other side of the river which included Ynysarwed, Abergarwed and Rheola were part of the parish of Cadoxton juxta Neath. There was no church building but there is evidence of a Christian settlement in the village of Resolven. Glyncastle House was originally a monastic grange used by the monks of Margam Abbey. A 14th Century map shows the site of a chapel of ease at Melincwrt though whether it belonged to Neath or Margam Abbey is uncertain.

The separate ecclesiastical parish of Resolven was created in 1850, when St. David's Church was built and consecrated. It is interesting that the first bible and service books , given by Bruce Pryse Esq. are embossed Melincourt Church. At that time Resolven was a tiny hamlet with a greater population inhabiting Clyne and Melincourt.

The Church received its first renovation and repair during the incumbency of the Reverend William LLoyd ( 1892-1905). The work entailed tiling of the aisle and chancel floor, repairs to the windows and doors and the installing of elctric light. the seating capacity of the building was increased to 270 by removing the old coal stove and installing a new heating system. The cost of this work was estimated at £347. In 1905, a Mission Hall was added at a cost of £400. In 1965, a church hall was built in the village of Resolfen which is still known as the Canon Lewis Memorial Hall.

In recent years, much work has been carried out in restoration of the building and in December 1998, the Bishop of Llandaff, the Rt. Reverend Roy Davies attended a service of thanksgiving for his work and dedicated new seating in the form of chairs. each chair was given in memory of worshippers and former worshippers of St. David's. "

Anyone wishing to contribute to the restoration fund can contact :

Mrs Ruth Jones,
The Post Office,Commercial Road,Resolven,Neath. SA11 4HF

Cheques should be made payable to: "St.David's Church Building Fund".