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Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Despite the inclement weather,some twenty members attended the Annual General Meeting on Monday 13th September. There were no major changes in the ranks of the officers however we are still short of a transport officer,vice chair and a committee member. Any volunteers?

President: Mr Phylip Jones

Chairman: Mr Gwyn Thomas

Vice-Chair: Vacant

Treasurer:Mrs Julie Hicks

Secretary: Mr Trefor Jones.

Transport Officers: Mrs Val Davies ( one vacancy)

Committee: Josie Duke,Margaret Evans, Daphne Gadd, John Rees (one vacancy)

Both Gwyn Thomas and Phylip Jones spoke of the busy year that the Society had experienced during the last session and that they looked forward to an equally industrious year in 2010-11.

There was only one notice of motion which came from the Committee - "That Mair and Bob Norton become Life members". The motion was accepted without need of a vote.

Mair and Bob Norton - Life Members of the Society

Mair and Bob have been members of the History Society since its inception in 1983 and meetings have been held at their home for well over twenty years. Mair was also Treasurer of the Society for a decade. The Nortons were presented with a gift from the members ( picture to follow).

A full list of the lecture programme will be posted after our next meeting on Monday October 11th when our speaker will be Mr Glyn Rees of Pencoed and his subject will be "Celts and Romans".

Monday, September 13, 2010

First World war Exhibition in Swansea, 25th September.

Mr Gethin Matthews has contacted the Society regarding a new archive on Welsh people during the First World War. If any member would like to contribute to the archive Mr Matthews would be very grateful if you would contact him directly - , alternatively the archive can be viewed online at or . The xhibition will take place at the Waterfornt Museum on Saturday 25th September between 10am and 4 pm.