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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

AGM 2017

Sixteen members attended this year's AGM at the Church Hall at 7:00 pm on Monday 11th September. The Officials and General Committee remain unchanged with the exception of Jill Saunders who has replaced Brenda Oakes as a committee member. After many years as a member of the Society Brenda has left Resolfen to become a resident of Denbighshire once again. We thank her for her contribution and look forward to Jill bringing new ideas in order to improve our successful History Society.

The Treasurer, Julie Hicks,  gave a very detailed analysis of the finances of the Society which remain healthy. A slight loss was made once again, however this disguised the fact that members gained financially from joining the Society for only £10, when the subsidisation of the various activities were  taken into account.

William Williams, Pantycelyn.
Both the Chairman and the President thanked the officials and committee for their hard work, and both remarked that that they had been victim to ill health during the year. The President, Mr Phylip Jones, made reference to the fact that the tri-centenary of William Williams Pantycelyn and the 450th anniversary of William Salisbury's translation into Welsh of the New Testament had received little official recognition by the Welsh government. In comparison, Dylan Thomas and Roald Dahl had been the subjects of millions of pounds of public expenditure.

Following the formal meeting, several items were discussed:-

A future visit to Yr Ysgwrn, Trawsfynydd is in the offing as it is the centenary of the death of the poet Hedd Wyn and the "Black Chair", at the 1917 National Eisteddfod. The farmhouse has recently been revamped and opened to the public.

Yr Ysgwrn, Trawsfynydd.
The venue of the annual dinner was discussed and it is probable that the venue will be changed this year, hopefully to a location where the Society will have a room to itself.

The members' night was also discussed. It was felt that more contributions, if only a few minutes each, would enhance the meeting. The quiz was popular, but would benefit from a slightly different format e.g. teams.
The meeting closed as usual with a cup of tea!!