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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Elliot's Colliery engine.

Last year's summer trip included a visit to Elliot's Colliery winding house in New Tredegar. Mrs Brenda Oakes has recently given the Society some photographs and video clips of the day. Brenda points out that the video clips were taken on her ordinary camera, however they do give an impression of the might of the winding engine which worked for some eighty years non stop at the colliery.


Monday, May 17, 2010

More photos of Rheola Visit

Our Chairman, Gwyn Thomas has compiled a series of photographs of our visit to Rheola. Here follows a selection of some of the photos

Arriving at Rheola

Outside the stables
The building which is presumed to have been the mill on the estate.

Inside the courtyard of the stables.

Inside the stables - the blocks were tiled and spacious with brass fittings
Rheola brook ( Nant Clwyd) - the waterway has been straightened and its banks artificially raised from its original course. The debris in the channel indicate that it can be quite a powerful stream when in spate and the estate contains several erratic boulders from a severe flood in the 19th century.

Rheola Pond - the lake is stocked with carp, includes a heronry and has exotic visitors including an annual avian visitor from Egypt!.

The path was rather boggy at this point, some of the members had not heeded the advice to wear suitable footwear!!

The Ice House.

Rheola House

The walled gardens