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Sunday, June 21, 2009

D Day

A Reminder from the past Staff Sergeant Reg Duke

Recently the Normandy beaches were celebrating the 65th anniversary of the D Day landings. It was therefore very fitting that long serving committe member Josie Duke brought a note to the committee written by her late husband Reg on D.Day. Reg was a glider pilot and Josie remarked that the contribution of these men in landing behind enemy lines and carrying supplies ( including tanks) to carry on the assault is largely ignored in the news headlines.

The note reads as follows:

From Glider Pilot Sgt. Reg Duke ( written on June 5th 1944).

“Well the moment we have all been waiting for has arrived. All these months of training have come to an end and we are bout to be off. I feel very different from how I thought I’d feel . The orgnaisation and preparations are simply terrific and make for 100% confidence. The news of the invasion will be history by the time you’ll receive this letter. I would’nt miss all this for anything. Judging by the lads behaviour you’d think we were off on a Sunday Achool trip. They’re the finest bunch of fellows one could wish to go into action with. These last few days and the next few will live too long in my memory. We have been given permission to write, but the letters will not be posted until the invasion is oficially announced. Keep smiling and don’t worry. Everything in the garden is lovely.

[ Reg landed 12 miles behind the Atlantic Wall and when his task was done he dodged his way back to the coast and then across to England. He has been home for twenty four hours leave since]

What a fascinating historical cameo!