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Friday, February 20, 2015

Abnormal activity on the web.

Normally, our web log has around fifty visitors per day, which is very healthy. However, in the last week we have had an unprecedented level of interest in the history of Resolfen with over 500 visitors already today. Scrutiny of the geographical location of our visitors shows an increase in those from Russia. I wonder whether Mr Putin has lost his copy of Resolfen Recalled ? I have a spare one if he really needs one. I also suspect that within our annals there may be a reference to Donetsk, which was originally founded by a Welshman and known as Hugheskova until Stalinist times. He was a certain Mr Hughes from Merthyr Tudful, who started the steelworks there.

Esbima, Vladimir.Graph of most popular countries among blog viewers

Update: The Editor has had a word with Mr Richard Hopkins about this and he believes that our web log has probably been linked inadvertently to some major site in some way. He will also check the provenance of the increased traffic. The number of visitors has since returned to normal levels.