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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Return of Gwyn Thomas

It is great to announce that Gwyn Thomas has resumed normal duties as Chairman of the Society for the coming year after a long illness . Some 16 members attended the meeting, held at the Community Centre and had a businesslike meeting ( with tea) in the Council meeting room. These are the names of the officers and committee members:-

President: Mr Phylip Jones
Chairman:Mr Gwyn Thomas.
Secretary :Mr Trefor Jones
Treasurer: Mrs Julie Hicks.
Transport Officers: Val Davies and David Woosnam.
Committee: Mary Evans, Brenda Oakes, Caryl Rees and Jean Thomas. (One vacancy)

The eagle eyed among you will notice that the Vice Chair's role has gone. It was felt that it had been unfilled for so long that others could deputise as happened in the previous session.

We now look froward to the the first meeting,at the Community Centre  on Monday,October 13th when John Richards will speak to us on "The Bayeux Tapestry".