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Friday, April 02, 2010

A Tribute at Easter

The work of the Resolven Operatic Society has been chronicled elsewhere on this blog. However a lesser known aspect of the Society’s activities was to produce an Easter concert of religious pieces to mark Holy Week. The Programme shown above was printed for such a concert, featuring the work of Resolfen's celebrated "Three Doctors"in April, 1990. The concert marked the culmination of months of winter preparation under the able baton of the late Glyn Davies BA.

Part One featured the cantata “Bethany” by William Rhys Herbert. The soloists ( some of whom are still actively involved in the musical scene of the village) were:

Mary Elinor Harries,Soprano.

Martha Arlene Price, Contralto.

Lazarus Lyn Maddocks ,Tenor.

Jesus John Harries. Baritone.

Disciple Ken Lewis, Baritone.

Messenger Bernard Davies, Baritone.

The choir was drawn from the augmented chorus of the Resolven and District Operatic Society.

Part Two featured a selection of works by the Three Doctors performed by both soloists and choir. The pieces included “Gwynach Na’r Eira” and “O Na Wyddwn Pa le Y Cawn Ef” by David Evans and “Dwy Aden Colomen Pe cawn” by Tom Hopkin Evans.

In an advert on the last page the next production of the Operatic Society is shown as the “The Merry Widow”, by Franz Lehar. It is rather a sobering thought that a vibrant, village based society has disappeared in such a short period of time.