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Monday, February 27, 2012

Mr R. Norton

It is very sad to report the death of Bob Norton, one of the original members and life member of the Society. Bob had suffered from ill health for a number of years, but was still active in the History Society until recently. Indeed, the committee meetings have taken place in the Norton's home for nearly all its existence .Our sympathies to Mair on her very sad loss, we will all miss Bob immensely.

The funeral will take place in St. David's Church, Resolven at 12:30 on Thursday, 1st of March.

Annual Dinner

Firstly, apologies for the lack of a post on last month's meeting. The Editor and Mrs Editor were away "gracing" the slopes of the French alps. Hopefully, a full report on the meeting will be forthcoming, however many thanks to Mrs Brenda Oakes and to Cerith for operating the technical side during by all accounts a very good meeting.

Just a reminder that the Annual St David's Day Dinner will take place at the Farmers Arms on Friday 2nd March at 7:00. The Farmers is a very historic building and was originally called the Ynis-Biben Arms. Here is a potted history of the public house.

                                                      Thanks to Phylip Jones