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Monday, May 30, 2011

Who are they?

Before starting onthis post, apologies for the long delay. The system has been rather playing up and has locked us out for around a week. It keeps telling me to de-cache my cookies, the only thing I know about cookies is that they are only cooked once as against a biscuit which is cooked twice ( bis - cuit - twice cooked in French). If it persists I will have to call in the hi-tech cavalry since there is no way I will be playing with any electronic delicacy.

Mr Ioan Davies a former resident of Resolfen has sent the Society a picture of the Evans family. He knows who is in the picture but cannot place every face to a name. He writes:

"The photo shows my grandfather, Morgan Evans (extreme left) and his brother Tom Hopkin, the musician, on the other end.I presume that the two other men are their brothers Watkin and David John and that the women are their sisters , Gwen (mother of Annie Hopkins and Gildas who lost his life in WW1), Joanna , Mary (mother of Dorothy Palmer, Phyllis et al), Maggie and Elizabeth. So although (I think) I have the names, I cannot correctly put them to the faces."

The photo has been passed to Mr Phylip Jones and several members of the United Churches choir has had a look. Could anyone else shed some light?