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Monday, August 06, 2007

Professional sprinters in Resolfen Recreation Ground

Mr Gwyn Bishop has received this fantastic photograph of the Resolven Sports of August 1929. Miss Christine Hampson of Acocks Green, Birmingham had found it in a library book where it had been used it as a bookmark. How it reached Birmingham is a mystery in itself, though the answer may lie in the fact over half a million people left south Wales in the 1930s under the auspices of the Internal Transference Board to areas such as the West Midlands.

The photograph clearly shows the scratch marks from which the sprinters were handicapped.
They are named as : -

HEAT 1 - 100yds Handicap
B. Davies ( Pontypridd) 9 1/4 yds

P. Cockins ( Taibach) 14 1/4 yds

T. O. James ( Aberavon) 14 3/4 yds

S.Edwards ( Margam) 14 1/2 yds

I. Isaacs (Resolven) 15 1/4 yds

Starter: Ted E. Lewis

Marksman : Joe Neale

Professional sprinting (and betting) was a common sight in south Wales in this period of economic depression. Unfortunately, the result of this particular race is not noted in the photograph.

P.S. According to the regulations of the park laid down by Vaughan's Rheola in 1912, competitive games were not to take place in the park - how interesting!!