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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Arctic comes to Resolfen

A Report on the February meeting of Resolfen History Society

Unfortunately the speaker, Mrs Ceri Watkins could not get to Resolfen owing to the inclement weather, however she will visit us in the near future, when global warming resumes .It is rather remarkable that when the Met Office forecast a mild winter in November ( “with some colder spells”) we have had the most prolonged cold spell for some twenty years, and the winter is far from over. I am reminded of sitting in the University library in 1976 as a young undergraduate, reading the equally doom laden prognostications of an imminent return of an ice age. Evidently we should take all weather forecasts long or short term with a large pinch of salt, preferably the gritting variety! Yes, this is Resolfen, 3rd of Feb 2009

It was intended to have a short business meeting and Mr Gwyn Thomas made the announcements regarding the Annual Dinner ( which inexplicably will clash with a rugby international for the first time), the memorial plaque to the Three Doctors ( which is to be placed on the Community Centre following our successful bid for funding ) and the saga of the missing watch on our website. However, at very short notice, Mr Phylip Jones stated that he was more than willing to “ramble” for a few minutes on historical matters.

Phylip’s idea of a ramble, would resemble a long hike to most of us since he took the members on an eclectic mix of subjects. Starting with his early memories of the war years in Resolfen, he next gave us an account of going down the pit in the cage with his father and this was followed by a brief history of Gaelic and its association with other Celtic languages. Pausing, only for inspiration, Phylip spoke for nearly an hour which sped by on his historical mystery tour.

Mr Gwyn Thomas thanked Mr Phylip Jones for a most enjoyable and unexpected meeting. Next month’s speaker will be Mr Jeff Childs who will speak on the history of Alltwen.

Trefor Jones