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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Thomas John Woodward aka "Tom Jones".

Phil Davies
Members were treated to a tremendous lecture by BBC pop historian Phil Davies in our monthly meeting. Former headmaster Mr Davies of Neath has gained a reputation as an authority on pop music on both Radio Wales and Radio Cymru. He gave a detailed and wide ranging account of one of Wales's most successful musical sons, Tom Jones. Starting with his early life and career  in Pontypridd the story wended its way to the point where Tom Jones reinvented himself as the elder statesman of pop in recent decades, masterminded by his son and manager, Mark, The talk was accompanied by a variety of video clips, stills and musical interludes. Unfortunately, since the editor was also called upon to act as IT support to Mr Davies a detailed account of the meeting was rather difficult.

Mr Gwyn Thomas, thanked Mr Davies for a wonderfully entertaining night and hoped that he would return in future to give us another installment.