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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Treasure Hunt

The winners: Mr and Mrs Gwyn Thomas

The first Treasure Hunt on foot around the village went off very well. The numbers both attending and taking part in the event was a little disappointing considering the amount of organisation that the event entailed, however the nineteen friends and members enjoyed themselves and that is the main thing. The clue which caused the most trouble. Can you work out the connection with "King Solomon's Mines"

The five teams were given a route around Resolfen having to solve some thirty clues, which ranged from detection to pure knowledge. The scores were very high ranging from 23 - 28 out of thirty. The winning team ( and also the longest out on course) were Mr and Mrs Gwyn Thomas. When was Sardis built? 1864!

Following the treasure hunt, the members were given the chance to view a selection of old photographs and a powerpoint display from the Society's archive was shown. It appears that quite a few of the photographs were incorrectly labelled and dates rather obscure, however it was possible with a little discussion to put these matters right for future reference. This is most definitely an exercise which we will have to do again since local knowledge is a valuable and ephemeral source of historical accuracy. Mr Phylip Jones gives an expert explanation of some of the old photos

(Many thanks to Gwyn Thomas for the photos)

Should any local organisation wish to use the treasure hunt clues they are welcome to have a copy ( and answers ) by contacting the Society on :