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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Merry Christmas / Nadolig Llawen

The last meeting in 2014 was our annual members night. It was decided some years ago that December was a poor month in which to get a speaker since attendances tended to be low. Instead we have provided a little bit of history ourselves. This year Colin Evans provided a historical insight on a recent tour of Flanders by Cor Meibion De Cymru to the battlefields of the Great War ( this will be used as an article in the future). Trefor Jones then "chaired", a twenty minute slot on the lost shops of Resolfen which gleaned some great snippets of local knowledge by viewing old photographs from our archive. Mr Phylip Jones then added an item on the historical meaning of Christmas in Wales, and how our modern consumerist manifestation is largely an American import via Charles Dickens with pagan overtones. 

Members Night always concludes with a historical quiz. A correct answer is rewarded with a sweet and a second correct answer with a Christmas cracker. After a long contest the members settled down to mulled wine and minced pies.

Best wishes to all members and friends of the History Society for a peaceful Christmas and a very prosperous New Year. Nadolig llawen a blwyddyn newydd  dda