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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

A Report from the AGM

Some seventeen members attended the AGM held at the Church Hall. In an age of speed dating this was an extremely quick event with all business concluded in under twenty minutes. There were no changes to the committee, the balance sheet was very healthy and a notice of motion was passed.

The motion stated that each member should have the annual trip free of charge. The logic behind this was that it would encourage people to become full members, since the cost of the trip would probably amount to more than the membership which has been frozen for several years at £10. In addition, there is little point it letting money rest in a deposit account which renders little or no interest and gives no benefit at all to the membership. However, it should be noted that the motion was for the current year only and will be reviewed on an annual basis.

Both President Phylip Jones and Chairman Gwyn Thomas thanked both the membership and the officers for their support and diligent effort in making the History Society an enduring success.

Election of OfficersPresident: Mr Phylip Jones

                                      Chairman: Mr Gwyn Thomas

                                      Treasurer: Mrs Julie Hicks

                                       Secretary: Mr Trefor Jones

                        Transport officers: Val Davies and David Woosnam

Committee: Mary Evans, Caryl Rees, Jean Thomas, Brenda Oakes, Olwen Woosnam.