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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

WW1 Commemoration

As I'm sure everyone is aware, next year will herald a flurry of events marking the beginning of hostilities in the Great War. Each community throughout the land will be marking this in some way. The Committee has been discussing various ideas for projects regarding this matter and our Secretary has attended a meeting convened by Mr Paul Hinder of Neath Port Talbot Borough Council  regarding gaining grant aid. There is quite a lot of money available via the National Lottery, with a specific pot for Wales.Importantly this avenue will exist until 2019. Mr Hinder was truthful in pointing out that demand would be great and schemes would be most likely to be successful if they have an unique selling point i.e. being original. Last year, Mr Jonathan Skidmore spoke to us on his project regarding the war memorial in Resolven and therefore it is sensible that this probably popular option should not be duplicated.

Mr Hinder has also pointed out to other organizations in Resolfen that if one scheme was put forward from the village as a whole then this was more likely to gain grant aid. Mr David Richards of the Royal British Legion in Resolven has broached the question of a joint bid and his proposal was put to the members prior to the commencement of the members' night. It was agreed that we would participate in any joint venture and Mr Trefor Jones also agreed to represent the Society in any future joint meetings of interested parties.


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