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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Letter from America

The Society has recently received a letter from a member of the Resolven diaspora now resident in St Petersburg, Florida (lucky him). Mr J.Eric Powell is a former resident of Cory Street and also a former collier in Glyncastle colliery. Mr Powell has given us some fascinating information regarding this photograph
Number One Pit winding engine Glyncastle colliery c.1885

I reproduce some of Mr Powell's letter below:

Dear Mr Jones,

                            In the book " Reflections of a Bygone Century", compiled by Mr Glyn Davies, there is a photograph on page 65 entitled; "A Newport (Monmouthshire) engineering firm installing boilers at the Glyncastle Colliery pithead. The photo however, is that of the Number One Winding Egine being assembled. I am researching the history of the manufacture, purchased by Cory Bros - shipping to Resolven, assembly at Glyncastle etc of the winding engine. I wonder if there is a clearer photograph available? Also if there other photographs available of the installation of this remarkable steam winder as I believe it was built for a side paddle steam ship? 

I was born in 3, Cory Street in 1931, which was next door to Trevor the barber ( Glyn Davies's grandfather. Ed.) and we moved to 102, John Street when I was three years of age. I worked at Glyncastle Colliery from 1947 to 1952, when I left to attend Glamorgan Technical School, Treforest (now the University of South Wales, Ed.). My father, William John ( Jack ) Powell was Chairman of Neath Rural District Council and also served as a Justice of the Peace. Both my parents' families were very much involved in local affairs. I keep up to date with news of Resolven through family members and your News Letter.

                                   With kindest regards,
                                                             Eric Powell

When we produced Resolven Recalled in the year 2000, many commentators gave us detailed information after the book had been published. Now, in the days of the internet, revising content is a fairly simple task . However, folk memory is finite and it may be an idea to have a meeting in the near future when the other pictures which Glyn has given us, and not used in his wonderful book can be scrutinised by our older members for other insights into the history of Resolven.


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