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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Penblwydd Hapus Phylip!!

The President of the History Society, Mr Phylip Jones celebrates his eightieth birthday on Tuesday the 23rd of January. He has not been very well in recent weeks, including several weeks in hospital, but is on the mend and we look forward to him returning to the activities of the Society very soon. Phylip's contribution to the preserving of the social history of Resolfen has been immense and it was a general disappointment to everyone that we did not have the pleasure of his annual talk ( loosely based on a local theme) this year.

Phylip and Gwyn Thomas unveil a plaque to the memory of the Three Doctors of Music
Phylip addressing the members at an original dissenting chapel at Glasbury

Brysiwch wella Phylip a llongyfarchiadau ar gyrraedd y garreg filltir arbennig hon. 


Blogger palygorskite2 said...

Hi, I am trying to find more informati0on on the wartime munitions plant in Resolven.My father, Launce Dare-Edwards who worked for the Department of Labour and National Service as a technical advisor/troubleshooter told me that he visited the Resolven plant through the war years. It was one of his main responsibilities.
What do you know about the history of the munitions plant? What did they produce? Are there any photographs of the plant from the war years?
All the Best
Tony Dare-Edwards

11:26 pm  

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