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Monday, February 18, 2019

Letter from the Americas

 A recent e.mail from former Resolven resident Mr Erich Powell has given the Society some very rare photographs from 1945. These will be posted in due course. Ed.

Dear Mr. Jones,

When I left Resolven for Treforest, one of my fellow students there and a good friend was Billy Lewis of Pontypridd. At the time I went off to India, Billy emigrated to Canada. We kept in touch and when I emigrated to Canada some years later, we met up again and have been in a close friendship ever since. Billy is very active on the internet, usually searching historical information, including the history of South Wales and the coal mining industry which he shares with me. Included in the latest flow of information are "Rare 1945 Photographs". However they do not include events in South Wales, nevertheless are of interest to anyone whose life span includes the Second World War. I am sending these photos on to you as there may be members of the Resolven Historical Society that will remember the time span covered in the photos and which will evoke memories of that period in our history.

Kindest regards,

Eric Powell.


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