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Thursday, June 26, 2008

25th Anniversary Celebrations

As some may know, Cymdeithas Hanes Resolfen History Society was founded in October 1983. Some of the original founding fathers and mothers are still with us and very active within the Society. Notable among these are Mair and Bob Norton who were at the inaugural meeting to establish the Society and are still members of the Committee with Mair having served for many years as Treasurer. Congratulations to Mair and Bob on making their own history in celebrating their diamond wedding anniversary on the 3rd of July!!!

In order to celebrate our own silver anniversary several ideas have been mooted by the committee. These included a memorial garden ( which may still come to fruition but not in our Jubilee Year), memorial plaques to famous sons/daughters of Resolfen or a concert to mark the occasion. As anyone familiar with Resolfen History Society knows the contribution of the Three Doctors of Music ( David Evans, Tom Hopkin Evans and William Rhys Herbert) has always featured highly. Some twenty years or so ago, the augmented chorus of Resolven Operatic Society gave a concert to mark the work of the Three Doctors under the baton of the late Glyn Davies. It has therefore been decided to once again hold a celebratory evening of choral music featuring the work of the Three Doctors of Music on Friday, October 24th. The Resolfen United Chapels Choir and Côr Bro Nedd have agreed to sing and hopefully the event will be held in Jerusalem Chapel. Phylip Jones has also agreed to give the historical context of each item which should be worth coming to on its own. If Jerusalem is the venue, then lets hope that we can fill the chapel in what should be a memorable evening. Spread the word far and wide!

More details to follow.


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