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Thursday, November 15, 2012


New Life Member

In its thirty years of existence the Society has only seen fit to appoint a handful of life members to mark their contribution to its work. In a recent committee meeting it was felt that Mrs Josie Duke met all the criteria of those who deserved the status of life member. Josie has served the committee for many years and most of all was a highly successful transport officer, the siege perilous of all duties in chasing up members to come on our trips and most of all getting them to pay on time.

Normally a life member is appointed in the AGM, however, it was felt that this had been forgotten at this year’s meeting and it was therefore decided to have an extraordinary AGM  minute at our monthly meeting in November. The tricky problem of passing the minute when Mrs Duke was in attendance was addressed by proposing to take her into the kitchen to discuss mulled wine recipes while the deed was done. In the manner of a Brian Rix farce matters things did not proceed smoothly, since although the posse of members was in the kitchen the one missing member of the "conclave" was Mrs Duke sitting innocently in the front row.

Josie and Jean Thomas on a recent visit to Newport Transporter Bridge

Mr Trefor Jones, in hushed tones, explained to the large audience what they had to do when he saw that Mrs Duke was sitting directly in front of him. It was immediately moved that a vote was totally unnecessary and Julie Hicks presented our new life member with a basket of flowers.



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