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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Le jour de Saint Davide

St.David’s Day Dinner 2009
Game, what game?

Wales had played France in a rugby union international 85 times before our dinner on Friday 27th February, however much to the chagrin of the members the century old tradition of playing the game on a Saturday ( or even Sunday) had come to an end. The Committee had innocently made an error, the game was to be played on a Friday for the first time with the kick off just before the main course. How could the WRU, IRB and any other sane organisation not realise that we always have our dinner as near as possible to St. David’s Day. Jim Kent recalls Wales' marvellous win over England!

However, the evening turned out to be a resounding success. The meal at the Crown and Sceptre was excellent, company very convivial and the visit to the toilets rather more frequent than normal since this required passing a widescreen set so the score could be relayed to the diners. As it happens Wales lost, and if one was given the choice of a long chat after a marvellous meal or braving the mean streets of St. Denis at midnight then there is only one real decision.Many thanks to Margaret and Val for the organization of a great evening.
The quiz might as well been in French!

It was also great to see the flag of our patron saint flying over the Community Centre. Congratulations to the Community Council.
Photos: Gwyn Thomas


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