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Monday, December 03, 2012

Information Board

Over the last few months the History Society has been spearheading work on an information board on the Square. The work was financed by the Community Council following a suggestion by Councillor Aylwin Jones. The Secretary, Trefor Jones has worked with Neath Port Talbot Tourism Department to design and furnish the board with some information for visitors and residents alike. The Parochial Church Council kindly agreed  to place the board on their land in a very accessible position. This has proved a success in terms of inter-authority cooperation, lets hope the board will be a focal point on the Square for many years to come.


Anonymous Professor Colin Baker said...

I'm currently writing up the history of the hymn tune 'Rachie' which includes its connection with Jerusalem Chapel, Resolven. I've just interviewed the niece of 'Rachie' (Rachel Jenkins, nee Williams) and verified many facts.
I know 'Rachie' was born to the then minister of Jerusalem sometime in 1906, but do not know her date of death. It is likely to be at the end of 1987 or very early in January 1988. Does anyone have the details? Thanks. Colin Baker (Bangor, North Wales): email:

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